Frequently Asked Questions

1What clothes shall I bring?
I always recommend bringing clothes that you know and love to wear, and if you’re not sure, bring it! Stay away from very busy patterns or brightly coloured clothes. Simple is best. The number of outfits will depend on the amount of time we have, and what we are looking to accomplish. I will provide you with all the details you need before our shoot. If you're booked for a newborn session, please bring a change of clothing for yourself as well as your child, in case of accidents. For newborn and pregnancy sessions, Dads must bring a plain white T-shirt or singlet.
2What do you mean by "Different Looks"
During each shoot, we can create different looks by either changing the outfit, lighting, or background or a combination of each. This achieves a different feel, which is great when creating a portfolio.
3Do you provide make up?
Yes we can provide make up. Professional Make Up comes highly recommended for women. We use excellent make-up artists which means they book up very quickly! I recommend booking at least a two weeks in advanced. Make up start at $150 for the session.
4Our team need new individual head and shoulder shots, can you help?
That’s my expertise! Please call me, there are many ways we can approach your head and shoulder shots to make your team stand out from the rest, and help add real value to your band.
5Can you do our team head and shoulder shots at our office?
Yes, approximately half of the work we do is on location at offices or outdoors. Prior to the shoot, I can come to your office at no charge and assess the space to ensure it is right for the shoot, and that we bring the right equipment if needed.
6If we hire you for the day, how many Headshots can you do?
To get the best out of the shoot, I recommend 10 - 15 minutes per person. This is approximately 30 people per day. Depending on the complexity of the shoot, we may be able to shoot more, or less. We will go over this when we discuss your brief.
7Will you travel provided all expenses are paid?
Yes, this option is available.
8How long does it take to get the photography back after a shoot?
We aim to get your first selects through to you within 72 hours. After we receive your final selection, during busy periods we say it can take up to 10 working days, but in most cases you will get them within the first week. If you need them urgently please let us know and we will do our best to get them through quicker.
9What if I’m nervous?
It is really common for us to get nervous about having our photo taken. Let’s face it we don’t do it every day. During the shoot I will talk you through everything so you know what to expect. Directing, coaching and helping you feel comfortable is my favourite part of the shoot. I will make sure that we get the best out of the shoot and that you can walk away with something you are truly happy with.
10Can you remove my wrinkles and make me look 10 years younger?
We can be so tough on ourselves! I’m sure you look beautiful just the way you are, but if you would like me to retouch your image, I will do so delicately and tastefully, and may lessen your wrinkles and smooth your skin but it is not likely that I will remove them as the authenticity of my photography is important. In most sessions a retouch is included, if you require any additional retouches they are $35 per image.
11What kind of camera do I use?
Primarily I use the quality Canon 5 D Camera’s. I have also a range of different lens to suit any occasion and lighting situation. My favourite portrait lens is one of the finest telephoto zoom lenses available 70 – 200 F2.8.
12How long do sessions take?
Family photography usually takes about an hour - long enough to take a walk around the park and explore. It's usually a little shorter for studio sessions. Having said that, there's no real time limit so there's no need to worry about not getting the perfect shot in time.
 The best time to photograph a pregnancy is from 33 to 36 weeks when your tummy is visibly round. Bring your children and your partner if you can, as this will make for extra-special shots. Please come prepared with a selection of nude-coloured underwear – we’ll provide a selection of beautiful fabrics and maternity dresses. You could also consider booking our make-up artist too. After your session, you might like to tentatively book in your newborn session to secure a space with us. Or simply opt for our Bumps & Babes package, which covers both occasions.
 The best time to capture newborns is within their first two weeks, ideally when they’re five to 10 days old – book a tentative appointment well in advance so we can secure a place for you. The younger a baby is, the more relaxed and sleepy they’ll be, which allows greater scope for artistic poses. If you have any special blankets, toys or sentimental items, bring them in.
15Five to nine months
 The best time to visit us is after your baby has learned to sit up – it’ll make for a fun-filled session! We have all the props you need right here, but you’re welcome to bring along any items of sentimental value. Our baby photography sessions typically run for thirty minutes.
16Fifteen months to two years
Toddlers ensure super-fun, action-packed shoots. To ensure the best outcome, please arrange your booking around their sleep times. Forward planning and being well-organised will enable us to get the shots we need in around 20 minutes. Just bring some snacks and a drink to keep your toddler happy, and we’ll take care of the rest.
17Three years and over
 Bring along your child’s favourite toys, we have a few distractions in our own toy box at the studio and will keep your little ones happily entertained. These sessions typically run for up to thirty minutes and produce incredible results.
 There’s nothing sweeter than babies and dogs, though both prone to slobbering! For many parents, the family dog was their first 'baby' so it makes perfect sense to capture the two together. New environments tend to excite dogs, so please try to ensure yours is relaxed on arrival. Your dog will benefit hugely benefit from a walk around the block or a game of fetch before your pet photography session. Have a few treats on hand to encourage their cooperation – it’s a trick that works with toddlers too! If you live rurally and would like to include farm animals in your photos – fantastic. We love to shoot on location and will come to you.

  • “Luci Harrison! She has been able to consistently capture images of my team right on the mark for our marketing and branding promotion. Creative use of locations and lighting help us look the best we can to win business and promote our brand!”

    Martin Cooper
    MD Harcourts Cooper and Co
  • “We are happy to recommend Luci Harrison as an excellent photographer who is prepared to go above and beyond to ensure a job is completed professionally to the customer’s satisfaction. We have used her extensively at West Wave to photograph the full facility for both advertising work and for range of magazines. For any future photography work Luci would be our only choice.”

    Mark Blake
    Manager West Wave Aquatic Centre
  • “I found Luci’s calm manner quickly put me at ease for the shoot and I was thrilled with the resulting photos. The light and the angles are very complimentary. I have never had so many good photos taken and I’m enjoying the luxury of choosing which photo to use for which purpose”.

    Rachel Walker
    Flying Start Books
  • “Luci you have a wonderful knack in your photography of capturing the right angles and adding just the right amount of light. Thank you for providing some photos for our proposed website – the photo session was very professional. I especially appreciated the directions given for each photo (not being a natural model!). The mix of black and white and colour also adds flexibility to the use of each photo.”

    Jo Milne
    Dentist on Shakespeare
  • “Luci managed to make me feel completely at home in front of the camera imparting some invaluable tips on how to make the best of myself in front of the camera completely captured the essence of what I was trying to achieve and came up with some great shots”.

    Trisha Vincent
  • “I love the photos, they are awesome. They are the best photos I have ever had done for my business. So many to choose from”

    Julie Couper
  • “I feel privileged to recommend Luci to other professionals who consider it important to use a professional like her. She has the skills that enabled me to feel really relaxed yet still show a little of who I am.”

    Kelly Midwood
    Barfoot & Thompson
  • “I needed some jewellery shots using a model for my website. Luci just knew how to capture the jewellery and work with the model, so that I had some creative and colourful images. She is so experienced and works quickly to capture the moment. She is a creative photographer with a real sense of understanding of how to compose images to come alive.”

    Susie Cropper
    Swing Jewellery
  • “St John's Theological College has had Luci take our photos each year. Some of these have been very large group which she has captured with a great setting and a sense of life. She has also done some special shoots of our students and surroundings. These have had atmosphere and captured the sense of history and place. We certainly recommend her!"

    Richard Cook
    St John’s Theological College